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When is WoW Shadowlands coming out? Release date, level changes, more

Published: 26/May/2020 6:42

by Isaac McIntyre


The eighth World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, is set to shake up the MMORPG franchise in a big way. New leveling changes have already been locked in, and the narrative will be taking a plunge straight into the underworld.

Shadowlands was announced at BlizzCon 2019, and tentatively locked in for a 2020 release date soon after. Since then, the hype has only grown ⁠— following the closed beta, some players went as far as to suggest it could be the “greatest ever.”

There’s plenty already penned in for the expansion: WoW will be getting more realms, factions, and buddy-up features in the 2020 update, as well as the aforementioned level changes, and a new storyline.

When is the World of Warcraft Shadowlands release date?

Shadowlands was originally slated for a mid-2020 release when it was first announced, but Blizzard made sure not to point to a specific date for the drop. Recently, however, the devs have narrowed their release window: Q4 this year.

That means the eighth WoW expansion will be available in November or December 2020, a two-month window that was confirmed in Blizzard’s Q1 earnings call last month. They also confirmed it would be “before the holidays.”

Everything we know about Shadowlands so far

Shadowlands storyline

The new Shadowlands narrative is set to take place right after the epic Battle for Azeroth storyline. According to the expansion’s cinematic trailer, Sylvanas will shatter the Lich King’s fabled Helm of Domination and destroy the barrier between Azeroth and the Shadowlands.

Players will be tasked with stopping the evil machinations of the undead Banshee queen before she can unleash the full power of the game’s afterlife on the living. Along the way, they’ll fight The Jailer, The Maw, and more.

It looks like Sylvanas is fully prepared to destroy Azeroth to achieve her goals in World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands.
Blizzard Entertainment
It looks like Sylvanas is fully prepared to destroy Azeroth to achieve her goals in World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands.

New World of Warcraft zones

WoW’s eighth expansion is set to, as per usual, add several new zones to the ever-expanding MMORPG. Four will be leveling zones, to be played through in specific orders. Blizzard has also confirmed there will be a new player hub called “Oribos.”

The four new zones will be called Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth. Each will boast their own new enemies. Revendreth will host Shadowlands’ first raid. There will also be a max-level zone called The Maw.

Shadowlands Covenants

The biggest new feature coming in Shadowlands are covenants, a World of Warcraft title for factions in the underworld. As players help each faction ⁠— the Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord, and Night Fae ⁠— they’ll earn faction-specific gear and abilities.

Players will also be able to align with one of the new Covenants once they have completed the main Shadowlands campaign. These alliances will permanently unlock faction-specific abilities, and unlock a long post-game quest.

The Shadowlands endgame will be based around new alliances with one of the four new 'Covenant' groups.
Blizzard Entertainment
The Shadowlands endgame will be based around new alliances with one of the four new ‘Covenant’ groups.

Dungeons & endgame in Shadowlands: Torghast, more

Shadowlands is adding eight new dungeons at launch, and will have a major raid ⁠— based in Revendreth, as mentioned before ⁠— that will unlock towards the end of the expansion drop. Four of the new dungeons will unlock at level 60.

As well as the new dungeons, Shadowlands will also be adding “Torghast, Tower of the Damned.” This new feature is an “endless dungeon,” Blizzard has revealed, which is made for between one and four players to grind repetitively.

Torghast is highly randomized, meaning it will change every single time you load into a new instance. Game director Ion Hazzikostas said it is based on ‘roguelike’ genres, and “should” make a “mighty endgame challenge” for hardcore fans.

Shadowlands is introducing a new randomly-generated dungeon,
Blizzard Entertainment
Shadowlands is introducing a new randomly-generated dungeon, “Torghast.”

World of Warcraft level cap dropped to 60

The last big change Blizzard will be implementing when Shadowlands finally drops at the end of the year will be a major reduction to the World of Warcraft level cap. The highest rank was level 120 in BFA, but that’s now set to be halved.

Blizzard is also tweaking new character experiences. When you start a new ‘toon,’ they will be loaded into a starter zone that aims to “better showcase WoW’s combat and questing.” Once you hit level 10, you can choose any expansion to play.

Finally, Shadowlands will be adding a new starter zone called “Exile’s Reach,” which will be replacing old level 1 zones. The new area is a whole island full of quests and tutorials, to better introduce new faces to the world of Warcraft.

Shadowlands is locked in for a 2020 release, in one of the final months of the year.
Blizzard Entertainment
Shadowlands is locked in for a 2020 release, in one of the final months of the year.

Can’t wait for November? Fair enough ⁠— the Shadowlands closed beta will open ahead of the official launch later this year, and you can sign up now. Here’s how to get your name in the hat for an early peek at the 2020 expansion.

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Twitch streamer avoids speeding ticket thanks to WoW Shadowlands

Published: 24/Nov/2020 10:55 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 10:57

by David Purcell


World of Warcraft Shadowlands finally arrived on November 23 and while one Twitch streamer drove home far too fast to load it up with friends, the Police officer who stopped them completely understood. 

As many members of the community will know, the game’s latest expansion will bring together loads of new and returning players for an all-new story. There’s Covenants to mess around with, new quests to try out, and many will have been rushing home to play it after work.

Though, speeding is against the highway code and by driving too fast you are putting others in danger – which meant one streamer was unfortunately told to pull over by the Cops.

Usually, this would lead to a speeding ticket, but after explaining their reason for going too fast – to get home and throw Shadowlands on – the officer came in clutch and decided to turn a blind eye in what was quite a remarkable story.

Shadowlands is finally here and some are getting a bit to exicted.

Shadowlands saves Twitch streamer a speeding ticket

On release day, streamer bbnogames was already playing Shadowlands when his friend called, who presumably also streams with him.

They said: “Bro, hahaha. The Cop was like ‘yo, you know how fast you were going?’ I’m like dude I’m so sorry, this game is dropping soon, all my friends are waiting for me.

“He’s like ‘Shadowlands?’ And I’m like yeah, and he’s like OK go!”


After that, he said he was just five minutes away and eventually joined the team playing online. After that remarkable exchange with the Police officer, things went without a hitch, when really he could have been left with a hefty ticket to pay for his troubles.

Instead, they were able to link up together later in the night and jump into World of Warcraft’s latest expansion. Maybe next time, he won’t be so lucky.