World of Warcraft fan’s insane WoW truck art turns heads on highway

world of warcraft truckWoW / Unsplash

Truckers love to decorate their vehicles with all sorts of different artwork and accessories, but this World of Warcraft fan takes the cake. 

It’s always been a long-held tradition of the truck driving community to have their vehicle set itself apart from others you see on the road. Some decide to put items on the front, while others decide to buy upgrades for certain parts to make them stand out.

One way to really get eyes on your ride – and to add a bit of personality to the design – is through a paint job.

And this might be one of the best you see, featuring World of Warcraft artwork.

wow dragonflightBlizzard
World of Warcraft developers are praised for their artwork – and this driver has decided it’s so good they wanted it on their truck.

WoW fan turns truck into a piece of art

The artwork was spotted by Smilts on Reddit, posting it to the WoW subreddit page for other fans to take a look at.

They said: “Saw a truck this morning with WoW art. Best angle I could get.”

As seen below, the truck was painted yellow and blue in color. On the front door (right), there is a clear painting of World of Warcraft.

One joked: “Hope you didn’t take the picture while driving…” Though, the Reddit poster confirmed that they were actually waiting at a stop for public transport to arrive.

Another member of the community said it was actually “great advertising” for Activision Blizzard, in jest.

Fan art always finds a way to be posted onto Reddit and maybe someday this WoW player will realize they have been put in the spotlight by fellow players.