Twitch streamer blasts WoW as “worst game ever” during meltdown


World of Warcraft contains some of the heftiest boss battles in gaming. For one Twitch streamer the WoW grind was too much. 

Every World of Warcraft player has faced insurmountable odds. Even within the mightiest of guilds, the struggle to achieve true glory is constant. There will be days when the taste of victory of is acquired, but many will be spent grinding it out for hours.

Twitch streamer pilavpowa encountered World of Warcraft as its most fierce, during a gruelling raid.

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The events that followed have both pilavpowa and WoW players asking: the grind really worth it in the end?

WoW: Shadowlands Corrupted AnduinBlizzard
WoW has seem numerous expansions over the years, with more surely in the pipeline.

The “worst game ever?”

Managing to make it two hours into his stream, pilavpowa had reached breaking point. Delving into Blizzard’s divisive game design, the streamer decided enough was enough. Halting his movement, pilavpowa began to unleash a barrage of fiery anger towards the long standing MMO.

“F*cking spit on this horrible game man!” pilavpowa declared as his tirade began. Launching into a further furious state, the streamer ripped apart WoW’s boss mechanics: “F*ck you! I don’t want to stop damage!”

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The issue has been boiling within the game for quite some time. Appearing during boss fights, players are presented with two different scenarios of attack.

While some bosses will be more in line to attack health directly, others are rooted within time management. When these types of fights are bundled within the same arenas, it can be quite frustrating to overcome – as evidenced by pilavpowa himself.

Fans of the game have taken to Reddit to vocalise their feelings on the matter: “All warriors feel this way I feel this in my bones”.

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Pilavpowa’s fight against World of Warcraft’s design rages on into the night. We wish him a calm, zen experience in his next raid adventure.

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