TikToker nails WoW Dragonflight’s Dracthyr dance & impresses Blizzard president

world of warcraft wow dragonflight dracthyr dancingBlizzard Entertainment, ByteDance

World of Warcraft’s new Dragonflight expansion introduces the all-new Dracthyr race to WoW, but one TikToker’s recreation of the race’s rather snazzy dance moves has earned Blizzard President, Mike Ybarra’s, seal of approval.

As all eyes look to World of Warcraft’s future, one of the most exciting aspects of the new Dragonflight expansion is the Dracthyr race: a bizarrely beautiful crossover between human and dragon.

While some have put their artistic talents to use to redesign the creatures to look a little more ferocious, one TikToker has spent her time perfecting the character’s rather spectacular dance moves.

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Not only have her sick moves sparked a wave of positive reactions from the community, Blizzard President and avid WoW player, Mike Ybarra, has also given her fun recreation the thumbs up.

world of warcraft wow dracthyr fighting using wind magicBlizzard Entertainment
When they’re not causing havoc on the battlefield, Dracthyr are partial to a good ol’ dance party.

Tiktoker perfectly recreates WoW Dracthyr dance

Twitch partner and caster, Steakloins, dropped a tweet showing off her insane dance moves on April 21. With the dancing Dracthyr on the right and her own visage on the left, she can be seen perfectly executing every single little motion the fiesty reptile makes.

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To the vocals of Lady Gaga’s ‘911,’ each step is masterfully recreated; so much so that she drew the attention of Blizzard President, Mike Ybarra.

Simply writing “damn, that’s good,” the post continues to climb in popularity.

WoW Dragonflight is the eighth expansion in the Warcraft saga, transporting players back to Azeroth and off to the mysterious Dragon Isles.

With Production Director, Patrick Dawson, noting that the next chapter takes WoW back to its “roots,” the devs have plowed a host of resources into polishing up the UI, as well as the age-old Professions system.

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The addition of the Dracthyr has piqued the curiosity of many, but we’ll need to wait a little longer before we can sink our teeth into all things reptilian. To help wile the wait away, though, perhaps it’s worth taking a leaf out of Steakloins’ book and learning to dance like a Dracthyr – who knows, Ybarra may even reply to you, too!