Players beg Microsoft to bring WoW to Xbox Game Pass


Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard has WoW fans hoping the MMO could be added to the Xbox Game Pass and no longer charge players for a subscription.

The big news on January 18, 2022, was Microsoft’s buyout of Activision Blizzard in a deal reportedly worth $70 billion.

Fans of one of Blizzard’s biggest IPs — World of Warcraft — are hopeful the deal could end years of stagnation for the title. The hope is that it will also revitalize the MMO with a whole new crop of players by making the game’s subscription part of the Xbox Game Pass.

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WoW, but with no subscription fees

Subscription fees have been a fact of life for every WoW player since the very beginning, and it’s a big reason a lot of people never look back after quitting. That’s why fans on the game’s subreddit think getting rid of it could be the best move for the game now.

“That would awesome not gonna lie,” one user replied to the suggestion.

“Bro if that happens, I’d….happily fall right back into a crippling addiction,” another added.

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Now, WoW players would still be paying a subscription fee in order to access the Xbox Game Pass. However, they’d be getting access to all of the games it has to offer, in addition to World of Warcraft.

Unsurprisingly this idea is far more popular than the current system of shelling out $15 a month just to play WoW.

WoW players are hoping new players would be drawn in if the MMO was on Game Pass as well.

Not only would it bring back veteran players who have drifted away from Azeroth over the years, but inclusion on the Game Pass could also entice a whole new generation to pick up the game as well.

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Of course, it’s far too early to say for sure whether or not WoW will be getting added to the Game Pass. That being said, Blizzard and Activision both have plenty of titles that could benefit from being listed.

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