WoW players rejoice as Alliance player saved by enemy Horde character

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A World of Warcraft Alliance player was completely shocked when they were saved by an enemy Horde player when they were in a vulnerable state while questing.

World of Warcraft has become well known for its two faction system which pits the Alliance and Horde against each other.

While the Horde has become well known for being the evil faction, they aren’t all bad as one player so thankfully discovered.

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World of Warcraft’s Night Elves are a popular race.

WoW Alliance player stunned by Horde character’s kindness

User Fine_Studio2958 posted on the WoW subreddit a heartwarming story of how a rival Horde player saved them.

Studio posted a screenshot of a letter in the mail they received in-game that read as follows: “You may recollect a Worgen Rogue in the same cave as you. Instead of killing me, as I had come to expect from the Horde, you stood and helped when I when low on health.”

They continued, “I must say, I am sincerely grateful for your aid, you embody the true honor of the Horde. Lok’tar Ogar.”

The wholesome post shot to the top of the WoW subreddit with over 1,600 upvotes in less than a day after being posted.

WoW fans in the comment section celebrated the honorable deed. One player said, “Always the best when instead of just ganking someone in a bad situation you just help him there’s no honor in unfair fighting, and in my opinion, it’s not too fun either.”

Another noted, “While I love killing the other faction, saving an obviously new player and a lower-level player can create those moments that get people to come back.”

While the Alliance and Horde will always be at odds, players have taken it upon themselves to break down barriers and help vulnerable players regardless of allegiance.