Is there Night Elf heritage armor in WoW? Everything we know

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World of Warcraft’s Night Elves are some of the Alliance’s most fearsome warriors, but do they have Heritage Armor in WoW? Here’s everything you need to know.

When avid World of Warcraft enthusiasts picture the game‘s mysterious Night Elves, thoughts automatically turn to the likes of the majestic Tyrande Whisperwind or her husband, the heavily armed Malfurion Stormrage.

Both of these Alliance titans are decked out in spectacular woodland-inspired armor, characterized by deep purples, blues, and greens, and adorned with sparkling silver inlays. This begs the question: do the Night Elves have Heritage Armor in WoW? And if so, is it as beautiful as Tyrande’s?

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about whether or not this mysterious race does, in fact, have Heritage Armor to grind for.


world of warcraft wow tyrande whisperwind night elfBlizzard Entertainment
Tyrande Whisperwind is gorgeous, but can you score similar armor for yourself?

Is there Night Elf Heritage Armor in WoW?

Unfortunately, there is no Night Elf Heritage Armor in WoW at the moment. Unlike their fellow nature lovers, the Tauren, these woodland warriors have been left out in the cold.

You can, however, pick up Heritage Armor for their sister kin, the Void Elves, as well as the Horde’s Blood Elves.

Will there be Night Elf Heritage Armor in WoW?

As we progress through WoW’s ongoing story, we may see Night Elf-specific gear added in the future – especially given Tyrande’s involvement in the ongoing fight against prime Shadowlands antagonist, The Jailer, and the now redeemed Sylvanas Windrunner.

Considering Tyrande herself got a glow-up coming into the Battle of Ardenwealde in Chains of Domination with her new Elune-inspired battle armor, we may see something similar drop during the last chapter of the Shadowlands; Eternity’s End.

world of warcraft wow tyrande whisperwind in shadowlands chains of domination battle for ardenwealdBlizzard Entertainment
Tyrande received new armor coming into Shadowlands: Chains of Domination, and it is stunning.

So that’s everything we know about World of Warcraft’s highly requested Night Elf Heritage Armor.

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