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New Shadowlands update will save WoW players hours of mindless walking

Published: 8/Sep/2021 0:47

by Bill Cooney


A new spell added on the 9.1.5 update PTR should save players a ton of time trying to get back to their bodies after dying in Shadowlands.

Every WoW player knows how tedious it can be to walk all the way back to your body after dying as a ghost. Even though you start from the nearest graveyard, you can easily rack up hours of walking if you somehow keep dying.

But there is relief on the horizon, at least for a few areas, as a new spell on the 9.1.5 PTR allows your ghost to fly straight back to your body.


World of Warcraft Shadowlands Free Character Transfer
Everyone dies in WoW eventually, and walking back to your body can be a real drag, especially in the Shadowlands.

The new spell is called Weightless Soul, and it literally allows you to fly while you’re dead. It doesn’t apply to every single zone, though – just the new ones in the Shadowlands expansion.

So, if you happen to take more damage than there is health in your HP bar in Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus or Revendreth, your soul will now be able to fly right back to your corpse.

This change won’t help you get past those mobs or bosses your having a tough time with, but it will make the grind go by a little bit quicker, at least.


It will especially help in Revendreth, where otherwise you’d have to take an elevator to reach your body in most cases. Flying is certainly much faster.

WoW Shadowlands
Shadowlands patch 9.1.5 should be arriving to live servers sometime soon.

It’s great to see this change arrive on the PTR, but the real question is: When will update 9.1.5 go live and bring it to the main game? We don’t have an exact date just yet, but with changes being rolled out on the Test Realm, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.

Some players have complained that these types of changes are too little, too late, when it comes to “saving” WoW. But, we’ll just have to wait for the full patch to come out to see everything Blizzard has in store.