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Jokerd explains why he decided to ‘ninja’ loot in WoW raid controversy

Published: 15/Nov/2019 12:56

by Connor Bennett


World of Warcraft streaming star Daniel ‘Jokerd’ Gobey has explained why he, controversially, decided to ‘ninja’ loot from a raid on his non-native server.

With the release of WoW Classic, Jokerd exploded in popularity on Twitch, becoming the first player to reach level 60 – while also maintaining a high level of mystique by not using a face-cam. 

As the game boomed, so did he, eventually revealing his face in front of thousands of live viewers – and over 320,000 who have since seen the highlight clip. However, he’s found himself under fire for ‘ninja’ing’ a powerful and rare piece of loot –  a Staff of Dominance – during the Molten Core raid on his non-native server. 

In fact, the controversy has gone so far that Jokerd found himself suspended from the Method stream team for “offensive” actions – but ‘ninja’ing’ the loot is still not something he regrets.

Twitch: JokerdJokerd rose to fame as the first WoW Classic player to hit max-level.

During his November 14 stream, the streamer explained why he decided to do what he did – but noted, repeatedly, that he wasn’t looking to justify his actions. 

“Listen, I’m not going to justify anything, I ninja’d staff of dominance, I’m not going to justify it,” the streamer stated. “I ninja’d the item. Did I deserve the item? It depends on your opinion, but I ninja’d the item. I’m not going to like sugarcoat this. I just took the item, I really wanted to take it, I had the power, I was the raid leader, I was master loot.”

He continued on: “So, I just took the item, straight up. Straight up, shameless, took it. That’s all that happened. I’m not going to try to justify it dude.” 

While the majority in the WoW community have been on his back, not everyone has taken aim at Jokerd for picking up the loot.

Fellow streamer Asmongold stepped to his defense and claimed that it was a part of the game, even though plenty of people would disagree with his stance. 

As for any further repercussions, it’s unknown if Jokerd will face any other consequences for stealing the Staff of Dominance from the other players.

He has, since, agreed upon a departure from Method and hasn’t spoken about his next steps, so it remains to be seen if he’ll be joining another team or flying solo.

World of Warcraft

How to unlock World Quests in WoW Shadowlands

Published: 26/Nov/2020 12:46

by Lauren Bergin


World Quests are among the most popular World of Warcraft features and unlocking them in WoW Shadowlands is easy, if you know what you’re doing.

World of Warcraft would be nothing without the limitless potential to play with friends and unknown players alike. The WoW community thrives because of the personal connections players develop when battling through dungeons like Torghast, the Tower of the Damned and leveling up together.

An integral part of this are the World Quests, quests which allow anyone on the map to band together and take on a new adventure together.

This is made even cooler with the fact that Shadowlands requires for you to join a Covenant, so you’ll be able to slay together with players who have a similar approach to the game.

Death Knights standing together in a dark, stone room with their weapons and armor
Party play is one of WoW’s best features, especially if you’ve already joined a covenant.

How to unlock World Quests in WoW: Shadowlands

Unlocking the World Quests in Shadowlands is pretty straightforward, but the rewards for doing so are endless.

Bear in mind that you have to have chosen a Covenant in order unlock these quests. If you’ve already done that, then here’s all the steps you need to follow:

  1. Load up WoW Shadowlands.
  2. Choose your Covenant.
  3. Do the initiation ceremony and ensure that you receive all skills from the NPCs.
  4. Click M to open your map.
  5. Any World Quests that are available will be shown as ‘!’ with a circular black background and blue order.
  6. Click on the quest and off you go!

Easy right? Joining these quests will make your WoW journey all the merrier, and allow you to level up with friends in order to flex on the rest of the Warcraft universe. So grab some friends and start hunting, who knows what you’ll find.