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How to watch World of Warcraft Sanctum of Domination race for world first

Published: 13/Jul/2021 22:19

by Bill Cooney


The best World of Warcraft guilds out there are battling their way through the new Sanctum of Domination raid in World of Warcraft racing for the world’s first clear of the new area.

WoW’s Chains of Domination update may have left some fans divided on the new content Blizzard decided to add, but a brand new raid still means a race for world first for the game’s top players and guilds.

Races for to be the first to clear a new WoW raid on Mythic difficulty are some of the most intense competitions between professional WoW orgs, and for Sanctum of Domination the big names are at it yet again. So, let’s take a look at the orgs in the running, and how to watch.



Complexity-Limit might be one of the best streams to tune into if you’re not familiar with how the race for world first works. Their broadcast features a live Top 10 standings table, and commentators to better explain what’s going on than a player concentrating on the raid might be able to.

Besides being a one-stop-shop for viewers though, Complexity-Limit is definitely one of the top squads in the running to world-first Sanctum of Domination as well.

If you’re a seasoned WoW player who doesn’t want the extra commentary, you can tune into Complexity raid leader Limit Maximum’s stream for a first-person ride-along with some of the world’s best.



Right up there with Complexity-Limit is Echo, who are a lot of people’s favorite for first clear. They’re widely considered as the best guild in Europe, and are a WoW-first org at that. So, if you happen to live in a European time zone, we definitely recommend checking out their stream.


Based in London, Method might be another familiar name to those who’ve watched esports for a while. Like Complexity-Limit, they also provide a counter on stream, so this is another good option for fans who want to keep track of the action

Other streams

There are plenty of other orgs in the running as well: Soniqs Esports, Big Dumb Guild (BDGG), PiecesGG, and German guild Aversion are all worth tuning into as well if you want to switch it up from the other options.


As for who will get the elusive World First we can’t say, but it’s definitely worth tuning in to see which guild will have the skills, teamwork, and endurance required to finish first.