ECHO claim WoW World First Mythic Rygelon kill

Echo esports

Echo Esports have etched themselves into the history books, becoming the first WoW guild to down Rygelon on Mythic difficulty.

The race for World First is always a big deal when a new dungeon of difficulty comes out. Guilds from all over have been grinding hard to claim the first kill on each boss in Sepulcher of the First Ones on Mythic difficulty.

Now, after Echo downed second to last boss Rygelon on March 21, there’s just one more Mythic World First record to go in Shadowlands final raid.

ECHO finally defeats Mythic Rygelon

It took Echo a total of 203 pulls to defeat Rygelon, and they even started after Team Liquid, who chose to start on him instead of the Lords of Dread.

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According to stats from WoWhead, Echo added an extra DPS by dropping a support, which meant they only went into the fight with four total healers.

There were doubts that it was even possible to down Rygelon this week due to the gear available to players, but Echo managed to pull it off, leaving just the Jailer to take down.

Liquid weren’t far behind Echo though, and managed to take down Rygelon themselves just a few hours later.

Now, both guilds are battling it out to take down The Jailer first, the final boss in Shadowlands’ Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. One thing’s for sure: this race for World First is just that, and definitely worth tuning into.

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