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Complexity Limit defeat N’Zoth to claim WoW Race to World First victory

Published: 6/Feb/2020 22:23

by Scott Robertson


North American guild Complexity Limit dethroned reigning European champions Method in the newest Mythic difficulty Ny’alotha raid, after a ten-day race between the world’s biggest and best WoW guilds.

History has been made in both North America and Azeroth, as the Complexity Limit guild finally defeated N’Zoth the Corrupter on February 6th, winning the Race to World First event.

Limit completed several Mythic difficulty boss kills first, including The Hivemind, Vexiona, and Shad’Har the Insatiable. Prior to defeating the final boss, the last Mythic kill they achieved first was the Carapace of N’Zoth, which took place on January 31 – meaning it took six days of attempts just to defeat N’Zoth, himself.


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The Complexity Limit guild and its stream casters went absolutely insane upon the boss’s defeat. It was their 274th attempt, and they had gotten as close as only 2.18% of N’Zoth’s health remaining before finally accomplishing their goal.

This victory ended the eight-year-long drought of a North American guild failing to achieve a World First raid, and likewise ended Method’s reign of dominance, who had won all three prior races for Mythic difficulty raids in the current Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Complexity Limit’s ability to outpace Method throughout the entire event proved to be a difference-maker in securing the final kill, as they had almost 100 more attempts at N’Zoth than the Europeans did at the time of victory.


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The North Americans ran into a short obstacle during their quest when they discovered a glitch during the final raid boss, forcing Blizzard to stall their progress to fix it.

Blizzard temporarily despawned the Corrupter and made the fix, and the guild finally downed their enemy just a couple days later.

Raid leader Max expressed his frustration that the group had attempted roughly 200 pulls before “Blizzard changes their mind,” regarding how the encounter worked, but frustration gave way to elation when they finally achieved their goal.

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Members of the Method guild were clearly disappointed to anyone who switched streams after N’Zoth fell, but the dominant European guild still extended congratulations to the victorious North American players.


According to them, the last time a US team conquered the world’s first end boss was during the Mists of Pandaria expansion in 2012, making Complexity Limit’s latest achievement that much more impressive.