Asmongold explains why WoW cross-faction changes so important for future of game

asmongold-wow-cross-factionTwitch: Asmongold / Blizzard

Asmongold explained why the upcoming World of Warcraft cross-faction changes are so important for the future of the game, claiming it’s the best thing Blizzard could have done for Alliance players.

On January 31, Blizzard announced that Alliance and Horde players would soon be able to communicate and even team up with each other in World of Warcraft, which is something that was considered taboo many years ago.

It will be implemented in the form of an opt-in feature. When activated, it will allow players to do everything from dungeons and raids to player versus player combat together, regardless of what faction they’re from.

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After hearing the announcement himself, Asmon jumped on stream to talk about the changes. Not only did he claim it was a “big deal” and that he was “really excited” about it, but he also explained why it’s important for the future of the game.

WoW players will soon be able to team up with old foes.

“This is a huge, big f**king deal,” said Asmon. “I am just really excited about it. I’m very happy.” He believes it should have been added to the game “about five years ago” but is glad that it’s finally happening.

“This is the best thing that Blizzard can do for the Alliance. There is going to be way more people that want to go onto Alliance because now they can play the faction that they aesthetically prefer or the faction they have always played.”

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Asmon explained that Horde has been the more popular choice for a long time now because it’s more “convenient” for players. “Horde has so many more advantages and it’s just better, so everybody just picks Horde.”

However, he believes these changes will improve Alliance populations throughout the game, especially among high-end players. “This is a huge thing because all those people who would like to play Alliance [can now do it].”

Asmon also claimed that these changes were something that players decided for themselves a long time ago. “Blizzard has not decided to remove factions. The players have by having everybody play on the same faction.”

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He believes it also might have been inspired by other MMOs like FFXIV — especially after WoW players jumped ship and came back, only to realize how restrictive it is to not be able to play with friends in other factions.