Asmongold explains why he doesn’t stream WoW Classic raids on Twitch

asmongold-wow-classicYouTube: Asmongond / Blizzard

Asmongold is a big fan of WoW Classic, but he refuses to stream raids on Twitch, and he explained why, claiming the community is “not really fun” to make content for due to its ‘hostility’.

Asmon thinks WoW Classic is a big reason why the game is still thriving after all these years. He also thinks that the expansions will always be enticing to veteran players because of the nostalgia they provide.

But although he has no qualms about streaming it on Twitch, he refuses to do raids on stream.

Naturally, his fans were curious to learn the reason why. He finally gave that insight on January 18.

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Asmongold isn’t a fan of streaming WoW classic raids.

“WoW Classic raids aren’t really that fun to stream,” he said. “The community around them is not really fun to make content for. Everybody thinks they know what they’re talking about. They always have their opinion on what you should be doing. It’s a hostile community.”

Asmon also said that streamers who play the game exclusively would obviously need to stream the raids for content because it’s a big part of the game. However, he isn’t one of them, so he doesn’t feel the need to do it.

“I don’t have to do that. So, why would I willingly invest myself in playing something that is annoying and just makes me mad?” he said. “If you have the option to not do that, why would you do it?”

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When he does do raids, Asmon is known for ruling them with an iron fist.

Not only does he refuse to do them with random players, but he also won’t hesitate to kick incompetent players without batting an eye.

He also slammed WoW players who claim the addition of flying mounts is bad for World PvP, insisting that it’s a good thing. So, even though he doesn’t do raids on stream anymore, the passion is still there.