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Asmongold roasts WoW players who say FFXIV is “too hard”

Published: 16/Jan/2022 18:27 Updated: 16/Jan/2022 22:37

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Asmongold called out World of Warcraft players after one player made several complaints about FFXIV being less casual-friendly than WoW.

Asmongold was browsing his own subreddit when he came across a post from a World of Warcraft player complaining about Final Fantasy XIV Online.

The post was titled “Does FFXIV MSG feel too difficult for WoW players?” Although Asmon sniffed out that the post could be a troll, he decided to run with it and put WoW players on blast along the way.

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Asmongold calls out “bad” WoW players

The streamer was live on his secondary channel, zackrawrr, when he read the Reddit post aloud and offered a response.


“FFXIV is NOT more casual friendly than WoW. It is far less friendly, in fact,” Asmongold said. “It’s gotta be a troll. There’s no way it’s not a troll, this guy’s full of s**t. But, it’s still f**kin’ funny.”

He continued, “There are people like this. What you don’t understand about WoW players is there are some that are genuinely so bad that if they have to do anything it’s too hard. Like, they can’t even play the game. Being able to navigate the menus in the game is enough for them.”


He then pulled of an impressive of the WoW players he was mocking, “‘There’s a menu? Ugh. Reading make my brain hurt. When does I attack? Where does I go?’ They’re just f**king terrible. And Blizzard has made a community around these people.”

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Asmongold went on to note a major difference between the WoW and FFXIV player base, “Final Fantasy does have a community that’s like, ‘You shouldn’t talk s**t about people that are bad’, but it has a counter-balance to that, that you also shouldn’t queue up if you are bad. There’s no counter-balance to that in WoW. ”


He finished his thoughts, “In Final Fantasy, there’s an expectation of the individual and there’s also the expectation of the group.”