Asmongold praises Blizzard’s new WoW boosting ban as the “right thing to do”


WoW veteran and popular streamer Asmongold thinks that Blizzard’s recent crackdown on boosting services in the popular MMO is a massive step in the right direction.

On January 31, Blizzard officially announced they would be cracking down on boosting organizations operating within World of Warcraft as opposed to letting people pay other players to level them up.

Plenty of players and WoW fans welcomed the news, including Asmongold, who said the developer’s change in policy was “the right thing to do.”

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“You know the person that wrote this doesn’t like these guys”

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In a vlog after the changes were announced, Asmon said he “loved” how Blizzard has seemingly taken the gloves off and handled this problem.

“You know that the person that wrote this [Blizzard update] doesn’t like these guys, it’s so passive-aggressive, I love it,” the streamer exclaimed. “I think Blizzard is doing the smart thing. They are making a change, they’re like ‘let’s see what happens,’ and then after they see what happens they’ll probably adjust.”

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The longtime WoW streamer continued, explaining why thinks it’s good to get rid of booster services, which he called “breeding grounds for corruption.”

“I think this is a good thing, I feel like these communities are just breeding grounds for corruption. It’s one of those things like ‘lead me not into temptation,'” he continued. “I think it’s because they couldn’t [hold out until 10.0]. I think it’s getting so bad now, it’s impossible to ignore it.”

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The changes in Blizzard’s policy are already being felt. Players are marveling that people can actually communicate once again with the in-game trade chat since it’s not being overrun by bots spamming boosting runs.

If you’ve played WoW (retail or classic) in recent years, you’ve probably been bombarded with spam for gold and boosting as well. Like Asmon said it’s definitely a step in the right direction and gives the community a bit of hope as we get closer to update 10.0 and the next expansion.

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