Asmongold explains new features WoW Classic plus desperately needs to revive MMO

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Twitch star streamer Asmongold laid out what features WoW Classic plus would need in order to help revive the retro-MMORPG.

Rumors of a potential refresh for World of Warcraft Classic have been swirling now for quite some time.

While there has been no news regarding if the suspected ‘WoW Classic plus’ will ever actually come to fruition, some WoW players are convinced it will soon be a reality.

Asmongold, Twitch’s forefront streamer for WoW Classic and retail, has chimed in and offered up some features that would likely bring him and others back to the game.

Asmongold reveals what he wants in WoW Classic plus

The OTK streamer was live on December 11 when he reacted to a video from creators Nixxiom & Moocluck that pointed out all the features a new version of WoW Classic could implement to modernize the game.

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Asmongold agreed that new dungeons and raids are a necessity when pondering the possibility of WoW Classic plus. He also pointed to new holiday content, more available quests, and making cities more populated.

Also, he’d like to see an officially sanctioned server for Ironman challenges, where players have to level from 1 to 70 without dying, along with other self-imposed rules to up the difficulty.

“If they want to do an Ironman thing, they need to do it on a specific server, an Ironman-only server. If you die on that server, your character is gone forever. Period. because if you have some people that are on the server doing Ironman, and some that are not, that’s weird.”

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Asmongold also shared the old document he created with his personal list of changes he wants for a potential WoW Classic refresh.

On that list includes an XP boost for alternate characters, nerfing repair costs, implementation of an achievement system, removal of combat addons, and tons more.

Although Asmongold likely won’t get everything he’s asking for if WoW Classic plus becomes reality, it’s possible developer Blizzard Entertainment is listening to the community demands at large and will implement changes.