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Asmongold defends Jokerd over WoW Classic ‘ninja’ controversy

Published: 14/Nov/2019 16:53 Updated: 14/Nov/2019 17:39

by Kamil Malinowski


World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold has defended Daniel ‘Jokerd’ Gobey following the ‘ninja’ controversy that saw him booted from his organization.

Jokerd is a relatively new Twitch streamer who rose to fame with the release of WoW Classic. He was the first player to hit max level in the game and quickly earned himself a fan base thanks to his achievement.

The Maltese streamer even joined World of Warcraft’s biggest esports team, Method, at the end of October thanks to his success. That didn’t last long, however, as he was removed on November 13 due to ‘ninja looting’, or stealing, an item from a raid group.


The face of WoW on Twitch, Asmongold, was quiet about the situation at first but has finally responded, and much to the surprise of many, defended Jokerd.

Twitch: JokerdJokerd was the first WoW Classic player to hit level 60.

Asmongold was watching a clip of Daniel taking the item, supporting the player throughout. “Wow dude, easy!” he said, before starting to clap and cheer him on.

He later added: “My man! Ayyy, my man dude!” while bringing up a picture of him and Jokerd at TwitchCon, then stating “It’s not like he’s aim-botting and pulling a Jarvis. No, that’s not what he’s done at all.”

The American continued talking about the subject, claiming that “ninja looting is part of the game” while continuing to support Jokerd – who was receiving a lot of negative feedback in a Reddit thread.


Many fans of the game were understandably upset with Jokerd, who had stolen an item that dropped from a boss which 39 other players helped defeat. Ninja looting is something that is heavily frowned upon by the vast majority of the community thus the streamer was later removed from Method.

Asmongold had been involved in ninja looting controversy before, defending one of his guild members that had stolen an extremely rare item in October.

Fans were disappointed with the streamers reaction then, and will likely have a similar reaction again, as the American continues to support the controversial subject.