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Asmongold calls out Blizzard over their “dumb” WoW harassment guidelines

Published: 10/Sep/2020 2:13

by Alan Bernal


Popular Twitch streamer Zack ‘Asmongold’ slammed Blizzard’s spotlight on the company’s tools and suggestions for handling harassment within World of Warcraft.

Asmon called the company’s guidelines to deal with online harassment in WoW ineffective, and suggested his own way of dealing with constant infractions that streamlines the process of blocking communication with another player.

The WoW developer’s monthly spotlight for September reminded players about Blizzard’s Code of Conduct as well as what they could do to combat problematic players. Among others, the ignore features, report functions, and filters are some of Blizzard’s ways to keep harassment from others in check.

But as a longtime resident of Azeroth, Asmon thinks there’s a much more efficient way to let players control who they can ignore – and for the most part, Blizzard agrees.

Blizzard has been hearing online harassment complaints from WoW players for years.

“Are you guys dumb?” Asmongold replied to the Blizzard spotlight. “Make ignore list account-wide and add an option to ignore an entire bnet account.”

The streamer got right to the point of how the World of Warcraft filters should act when blocking a player from communicating.

An account-wide ban would prevent all of a malicious player’s characters from interacting with any of the characters from the person that put them in an ignored list.

This is where Blizzard’s method and Asmongold’s idea of censoring differ slightly.

While Blizzard noted the Ignore feature was account-wide, the person who Ignored another player will still be able to talk to them on other characters.

But Asmon thinks the devs are “creating unnecessary work for (themselves) when (Blizzard can) give players better tools to solve these problems without having to open a ticket.”

World of Warcraft encompasses millions of players, and the game’s issue with harassment has lasted for decades. “With so many diverse people throughout the game you will encounter folks who share your views and who you may get along with, and others you do not,” Blizzard wrote.

Both Blizzard and Asmongold want better ways to combat online harassment in WoW, and the community is hopeful that the studio will implement those kinds of solutions soon.


How to find World of Warcraft’s new Reckful memorial in Shadowlands

Published: 16/Oct/2020 23:27

by Bill Cooney


The NPC paying tribute to legendary World of Warcraft streamer Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein has been moved following the Shadowlands expansion to a new location in Azeroth.

Reckful was easily one of the biggest names in WoW streaming when he tragically and unexpectedly passed away in July of 2020. 

Along with the outpouring of support from the community that followed, Blizzard themselves paid tribute to him with a new Rogue Trainer NPC bearing his tag located in the Cathedral of Light.

After Shadowlands wasn sent live, the area has undergone a bit of a makeover – standard practice for WoW expansions, but Reckful is still there available to train leveling Rogues, just in a slightly different spot than before.

As shown by his fellow WoW streamer and good friend Asmongold, Reckful was moved by Blizzard in Shadowlands to stand right by the stairway to greet anyone who walks up.

“They moved him, wow, holy s**t,” Asmon said. “Does it still do the wings? Yeah it does. Holy s**t that is pretty cool, that is definitely pretty f***ing cool man.”

All of the features are still there, including the option to tell Reckful, “It’s good seeing you again,” as well as the ghostly wings that appear on the NPC’s back.

WoW players have also discovered a new feature apparently added along with Shadowlands – if you use the /hug command on Reckful, his character will /hug you right back. How’s that for wholesome?

So if you visit Reckful in the Citadel and hug him, he hugs you back from wow

The Rogue trainer is actually Blizzard’s second tribute to the streamer, with another NPC named ‘Byron Burnside’ first added in Tiragarde Sound – a play on his real name. The Reckful one is more of a direct connection to his in-game identity, with Rogue being his preferred class, and the one that helped him become a household name in the world of WoW.

Shadowlands is definitely bittersweet for all of us who were fans of tuning into Reckful’s streams, since it’s the first WoW expansion he won’t be around to experience along with us. It’s good to see Blizzard has kept a little piece of him around in-game though – one that we can visit anytime we want.