3 must-know tips for new WoW Classic players

. 3 years ago

With a game as big as World of Warcraft, it’s almost impossible to remember everything about it, so here are some must-know tips for players new and old entering WoW Classic.

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If you’re a returning player, then it might have been 15 years since you last played, and if you’re new to Classic WoW, there’s a lot to learn about this massive game.

Whatever your case may be, we’ve compiled some must-know tips to help you on your journey in the World of Warcraft.

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Classic WoW has become an instant hit.

Professions are vital 

Professions are split into two categories, primary and secondary. Both categories are vital to master in Classic as they allow you to create incredibly powerful items and provide very useful utility.

Primary professions like Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing are vital for almost every class, as the items made from these professions can be some of the best items in the entire game. 

Meanwhile, secondary professions are key for making your gameplay experience a tad easier. First Aid provides a good amount of healing, while Cooking and Fishing pair up well to provide useful buffs, which are incredibly strong at all points in the game.

Professions like Blacksmithing are vital in Classic WoW.
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Spend your gold wisely 

Gold is used to buy things and learn new skills in Classic WoW. It’s fairly easy to come by, as just about every creature you kill drops gold or an item you can sell, however, it’s extremely important to manage your gold well, especially when leveling.

A few thing you can do to save gold while leveling are: don’t buy items – they are generally not worth their cost, only train the skills & spells you use, and try to cut costs wherever you can – ask a Mage to make you some food instead of buying it or grind out those last few items rather than spending gold on them.

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Plan your fights carefully 

Monsters in Classic are very strong, so it’s important to plan ahead. If you’ve played the latest WoW expansion, Battle For Azeroth, you might be used to easily destroying everything in your path, however, things are no so easy in Classic.

You may often find yourself overwhelmed by just one or two monsters depending on their level and will want to plan your fights accordingly. Try to take it slow, not fighting too many monsters at a time and only engage enemies that are a similar level to you. Be especially careful around caves, as monsters can quickly respawn and you may get surrounded. 

Now that you know the key tips for WoW Classic, it’s time to jump into Azeroth and begin your adventure! 

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