HyperX’s Queued Up class of 2021 has been selected by you, the audience, who have picked five streamers you believe have a shot at becoming the next great content creators.

We caught up with three of the winners, Krystalogy, Tuonto, and Cahlaflour, to learn more about the goals and inspirations.

Krystalogy is a Twitch partner with almost 80,000 followers. Her streams consist of a wide variety of games, as well as just getting to know her audience.



I believe that there is only one of each person, everyone being different from the rest. So to stand out from everyone else, I just try to be unapologetically me. Make dumb jokes, give my insights and personal opinions and engage with my community so we all can have fun!

Tuonto is an established content creator, with over 400,000 followers on Twitch and over 700,000 YouTube subs. As well as his gaming content, Tuonto might surprise you with his stellar signing abilities.



I make sure I’m giving my all into everything I do. I do a lot of research and watch a lot of podcasts regarding the content creation industry and love learning about marketing and advertisement. If I’m playing, I’m going to do my best to win.

Cahlaflour has just hit the 100,000 follower mark on her Twitch channel, where she streams everything from Animal Crossing, to Dead by Daylight, and Apex Legends.



I wanted to share my love for the horror genre back when I started and that’s how I continue to stand out. I bring my community all the horror content I can get my hands on, but I’ve had to start increasing my creativity over recent years. I started redoing my stream background into different sets for the holidays.

HyperX Queued Up is set to return in 2022, so if you’re hopeful of being part of the next batch of up-and-coming streamers, it might be time to start grinding now.