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How Gla1ve’s Tactical Dominance Sent Astralis to the Top

Published: 2/Jul/2021 21:14

by Bill Cooney


Every CSGO fan knows about the dominant Astralis era, when gla1ve, dev1ce, Magisk, dupreeh, and Xyp9x just couldn’t stop winning, and in a new video we take a look at how they become so iconic.

Just after signing Gla1ve, the investment seemed to pay off for Astralis, as the Danes were able to overcome another legendary lineup, Virtus.Pro’s infamous “Virtus Plow” at the Atlanta 2017 ELeague Major.

Once Magisk was signed though, all the pieces started falling into place. So, what was the secret to this success? According to Gla1ve, it’s was because for every real setup during a round, there was also a fake one.


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