ZETA Division Valorant player comes out as trans following harassment

ZETA DIVISION Valorant Game Changers announcement graphicZETA DIVSION

ZETA DIVISION Game Changers Valorant player ‘flappy’ has come out as transgender in a statement made by the organization. This comes after a controversial comment was made following the team’s signing announcement.

The comment, made by a Japanese gossip Twitter verified account with over half a million followers, asked if the team was sure that flappy was a woman.

“Excuse me! Have you confirmed that flappy is a woman?” the tweet read.

The tweet, made less than a week after ZETA DIVISION’s announcement on July 27, currently has 523 likes and has been quoted tweeted 150 times.

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The Japanese organization responded to the comment the next day with a statement confirming that flappy is trans and that the org made the decision not to disclose this initially to protect her from “mental and physical harm.” flappy is also a minor, according to the statement.

Laz stares into the camera intently while sitting in front of candles.Riot Games
ZETA DIVISION’s men’s team had a deep run at VCT Stage 1 Masters.

The organization said that with the current comments made on social media, and other rumors online, this announcement was made to prevent further harm to flappy.

“Flappy, who belongs to the VALORANT GC department, is a transgender woman who has been going to the hospital and taking hormones,” ZETA DIVISION said in a statement.

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“In addition, a medical certificate from a doctor has been issued, and we confirmed it in advance.”

Japan is a conservative country with few laws protecting its people from discrimination based on race, sexuality, or gender identity. Transgender people specifically have barriers in place that bar them from changing their legally recognized gender thanks to the Gender Identity Disorder Special Cases Act passed in 2003.

The human Rights Watch released a report in 2021 calling the law “harmful and discriminatory.”

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ZETA DIVISION’s women’s squad qualified for the playoff portion of Game Changers Japan and will compete against Insomnia Female on August 6. If they win, the team will earn a trip to Game Changers East Asia, a qualifying event for the Game Changers Championship in Berlin.

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