YouTube star Myth reveals wish to sign his own competitive Valorant team

YouTube streamer Myth has revealed he’s looking to sign his own competitive Valorant team.

The 2023 Valorant Champions Tour season is just about to start, with the 30-team kick-off tournament in São Paulo being just a few weeks out — and fans couldn’t be more excited.

The off-season has been nothing short of eventful either, as we’ve seen teams undergo massive changes amid the esport’s rostermania.

Not only are our favorite organizations raring to go in the partnership leagues, but teams are also gearing up for their shot at glory in the Challengers Leagues and climb their way up to the top.

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Just about everybody is wanting to get involved in the action, including YouTube star Myth, who’s revealed he’s looking to sign his own competitive team.

In a January 7 tweet, the former TSM Fortnite competitor explained how he’d like to explore options in signing his own team.

Offering to pay the players and watch their games on his broadcast, the popular streamer called on his community to help him find some free agents.

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“I want to explore signing a Valorant team,” he wrote. “Paying them and then doing watch parties / rooting for them. Does anybody know any FA teams?”

He added: “Coach Myth needs to make a comeback.”

It’s fair to say his viewers would also love to see the return of Coach Myth, with his community quickly jumping to suggest numerous options for him to explore.

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