Wild Valorant exploit lets players go under the map

. 5 months ago
Riot Games

A Valorant exploit is taking over the community as clip where Sage can use her wall to get underneath of the map Fracture is everywhere.

Fracture is the most recent map added to Valorant, and a new exploit allows Sage to get underneath the map using her wall. How effective of a strategy it would be during a game though, remains to be seen.

The ziplines cutting down the middle are Fracture’s defining features, and this is the exact location of where the exploit takes place. But beware, as there could be consequences for doing this in an official match.

Sage goes down under on Fracture

Players posting clips online make the exploit look extremely easy to pull off, but it does take some precise timing to execute correctly.

First, you need to put Sage’s wall up right next to the outbound zipline. Next, you need to attack the wall first with your melee, then finish it off with a gun. You’ll want to pause for a few seconds before breaking the wall completely.

If you do it correctly, once the wall is broken Sage will slide down onto the scaffolding below the ziplines, where you normally wouldn’t be able to access. You take a bit of damage, but again, you’re Sage, so you can just heal yourself right up.

This lets you explore quite a bit underneath the map, or lie in the shadows and wait for an unwitting opponent to take the zipline to ambush them.

Riot Games
This exploit can give you a whole new look at Fracture, but might not be wise to use during an actual match.

Given the amount of time this takes to set up and pull off though, this exploit probably isn’t worth trying during a match. Besides wasting time and burning Sage’s wall, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get it to work.

On top of that, it could very well nab you a suspension or ban from Riot if you get reported doing it. So, while it is neat, it’s probably better off being left as something that’s done in custom games to mess around.

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