Why TenZ is the key to Sentinels' success at VCT Masters - Dexerto

Why TenZ is the key to Sentinels’ success at VCT Masters

Published: 20/May/2021 22:04

by Alan Bernal


The road to Reykjavik, Iceland has left only the best Valorant teams for Masters 2, and if the Sentinels are to come out on top, they’re going to need TenZ to be activated on day one.

Sentinels are on a collision course against EU powerhouse Fnatic, barring an upset by KRU Esports. This is going to immediately test TenZ and the team’s controlled chaos approach to Valorant.

But TenZ will be the key to any sustained success at Masters 2. Sentinels have a strong track record playing off his aggression and solid aim, and they’ll need all the firepower they can get to come out on top in Iceland.


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