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Who is Valorant’s mysterious Agent 8? Everything we know

Published: 11/Jan/2022 21:00

by Bill Cooney


One of the biggest mysteries in Valorant is the identity of the shadowy Agent 8. Here’s everything we know so far.

With the introduction of Neon, there are currently 18 playable agents in Valorant. In the game’s lore, each character has a corresponding number representing the chronological order they joined the Valorant Protocol.

However there are 19 total agents listed, with number 8 being conspicuously absent.

So, who is this mysterious Agent 8? Here’s everything we know about the shadowy Valorant character.

Agent 8 — a Valorant villain?

Riot Games
Agent 8’s number is scratched out in the Warm Up Episode 4 cinematic.

While there’s plenty of rumors and speculation about who or what Agent 8 is, what we know for sure is actually pretty sparse.


We know that there’s definitely an eighth agent in the Valroant Protocol, but their identity is unknown. We also know they are still alive and that they’ll be coming back as a playable agent eventually, and that’s pretty much it.

However, thanks to a split-second shot in the new Warm Up cinematic for Episode 4 where the number 8 locker is scratched out, we can infer they may have left the Valorant Protocol on less than amicable terms.

One thing Valorant doesn’t have yet is a bad guy. It would make a lot of sense, especially considering the locker detail in Warm Up, if Agent 8 turned out to be just that.


When will Valorant agent 8 be revealed?

Valorant update neon
Riot Games
Neon is officially the 19th agent to join the Valorant Protocol.

Valorant typically adds two new agents per Episode. With Neon already activated, it’s entirely plausible Agent 8 could be the next in line.

Warm Up did give us the biggest teaser yet with the locker, but we still have a bare minimum of info to go off of.

Considering how cloak-and-dagger Riot are going about Agent 8, it could be some time before we see them revealed. Until we learn more, Agent 8’s identity and the story of why they left the Valorant Protocol remain the game’s biggest mystery so far.