Wardell dropped from TSM Valorant ahead of VCT 2022 Stage 2

wardell tsm valorantTSM

TSM and Valorant OPer Matthew ‘Wardell’ Yu mutually parted ways ahead of VCT 2022 Stage 2 as the org looks to evaluate its roster in hopes of winning a championship.

The 23-year-old OPer was one of the focal points of TSM’s roster as it underwent changes to its lineup throughout 2021.

As one of the pillars of TSM’s Valorant team since its inception, the move will leave Yassine ‘Subroza’ Taoufik as the last remaining player from the original members.

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Before announcing Wardell’s benching, the org emphasized how it was looking to make a team with an aligned vision and commitment from all its players.

wardell tsm valorant rosterTSM
Once the poster image of TSM Valorant, Wardell will move on from the NA team.

Wardell benched from TSM

TSM announced on March 23 that Wardell was dropped from the Valorant lineup after the two parties had agreed to move on from each other.

The org noted how Wardell made the decision not to relocate to Texas with the team and later chose to step down from the team.

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“Valorant is incredibly important to TSM,” the org said. ” We’ve been a part of it since the start & we’re determined to build a championship winning roster

“This takes commitment by all players, alignment with a competitive vision, & the desire to work together to take the team to the next level.”

When TSM entered Valorant, it had high hopes for the five-man lineup that was made up of former CS:GO pros.

The Canadian talent and TSM have struggled in Riot’s VCT circuits, never having reached the Masters stage to have a chance for a Champions berth.

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Now TSM will look to find a suitable fifth to help them in VCT Stage 2 as the tier one org seeks to compete in Valorant on the global stage.

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