Wardell claims there’s “more to the story” on TSM Valorant departure


Former TSM Valorant player Matt ‘Wardell’ Yu claims there’s more to the story of why he and the org split.

TSM shocked fans on March 23 by announcing that they had mutually parted ways with Wardell.

After failing to qualify for the 2022 NA Challengers Stage 1, TSM said they were looking for “aligned vision and commitment” from all players.

A few days after the news broke, the NA OPer claimed the wording of TSM’s tweet “made him look bad,” and said there was more going on.

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“More to the story” of why Wardell left TSM

Days after parting ways with the org, Wardell quote-tweeted the announcement, claiming it was damaging his brand, and assuring fans there was more going on.

“I’d like to say that the wording kind of makes me look bad,” Yu said about TSM’s tweet. “Unintentionally, but it is hurting my brand as a player, so I have to say that there’s a lil more to the story.”

Those details remain unknown, but Wardell did add there was no “bad blood” between him and anyone at TSM.

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wardell tsm valorantTSM
Previously one of TSM Valorant’s biggest stars, Wardell will move on from the NA team.

The org initially noted Wardell’s decision not to relocate to Texas with the team as a reason why he chose to step down. Though, according to Wardell’s tweet, that doesn’t include the player’s side of the story.

The Canadian player and TSM struggled in Riot’s VCT circuits, never reaching Masters or earning a chance at Champions.

Now, TSM will look to find a suitable fifth to help them in VCT Stage 2, but fans will be keeping an eye on Wardell to see if he reveals more about what led to the split.

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