Vision Strikers signs MaKo, former Cloud9 star BuZz ahead of VCT Korea Stage 3

vision strikers valorant new roster addition cloud9 valorant mako buzzVision Strikers

Vision Strikers are adding former Cloud9 talent Byungchul ‘BuZz’ Yu as well as Myeongkwan ‘MaKo’ Kim to their Valorant team ahead of VCT Stage 3. The roster move comes shortly after captain Minsoo ‘glow’ Kim retired.

  • Vision Strikers add BuZz and MaKo to 6-man Valorant roster.
  • First new VS members since entering Valorant with 7-man roster.
  • MaKo previously played under the name ‘babo.’

Vision Strikes sign MaKo, BuZz

Vision Strikers are filling out their depleted Valorant roster with BuZz, 18, and MaKo, 19, to their proven core of players.

BuZz made a name for himself during his stint in Cloud9’s Korean roster, while MaKo will be yet another rising talent on the young team.

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This will be the first signing VS makes since head coach Pyeon ‘termi’ Seon-ho brought his team over from MVP PK’s CSGO division. They would later go on to win 100 consecutive series in the early stages of competitive Valorant.

vision strikers valorant new roster addition cloud9 valorantVision Strikers Twitter
Vision Strikers are adding MaKo and BuZz to climb back to the top of Korean Valorant.

Vision Striker’s director, Jae Yong “easyboom” Yang, told Dexerto the team was “delighted” with their new signings.

“It has been quite a process scouting for MaKo and getting the transfer complete for BuZz from Rio Company,” he continued. “We look forward to VCTKR Stage 3 and prove ourselves to the Valorant world with our results.”

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Despite their remarkable 100-game streak, the team missed out on VCT Masters 2 in Iceland after a 0-2 loss to NUTURN Gaming.

With glow retiring from Valorant and other players traded or signed to sister team Quantum Strikers, VS are bringing new talent to the team.

Vision Strikers Valorant Roster

  • Seungwon ‘k1Ng’ Lee
  • Sangmin ‘Rb’ Goo
  • Gutaek ‘stax’ Kim
  • Kiseok ‘Zest’ Kim
  • Byungchul ‘BuZz’ Yu
  • Myeongkwan ‘MaKo’ Kim
  • Seonho ‘termi’ Pyeon (Head Coach)
  • Soonwoo ‘ARGENCY’ Kwon (Coach)