Vision Strikers’ 100-game win streak in Valorant finally ends vs F4Q

Vision Strikers valorantRiot Games

Korean Valorant giants Vision Strikers have finally been defeated, after over 100 games without a single loss, falling to F4Q in VTC Challengers Korea Stage 2.

Despite pushing it all the way to overtime in the third map, F4Q had enough to hold strong and pull out the 15-13 OT win.

It looked to all over in regular time, but Vision Strikers held onto their remarkable unbeaten run with everything they had to force overtime.

In the end, they were outclassed in the final round, they found themselves at 4v1 man advantage, too much for them to pull back. F4Q’s Chae ‘Bunny’ Joon-hyuk, former Overwatch pro for LA Valiant and Seoul Dynasty, was MVP of the series, with his Raze plays keeping Vision Strikers at bay.

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Throughout their insane run Vision Strikers had four draws, and just over 100 wins. They almost felt defeat against WGS, but managed to claw out a 2-1 win.

They kept their streak alive through some of the most incredible matches, including a 3-2 reverse sweep vs T1 in September.

Their record now sits at 104 wins, 4 draws, and one defeat.


Perhaps though, finally losing a game will be somewhat of a good thing, as it may have been adding a little bit of pressure to every match that wasn’t helping all that much.

Regardless of their loss now, the team still holds a record in Valorant, and possibly esports generally, that will probably never be beaten again.

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