VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland Day 2 preview: NA vs Europe at last

VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland previewRiot Games


The VCT Iceland Masters is only one day down, and we can’t get enough. The action has been scintillating as is, but on Day 2 it’ll be taken up a notch when NA finally faces off against Europe with Version1 vs Team Liquid and Sentinels vs Fnatic.

Yes, you read that right. Not one, but two matches for regional bragging rights ⁠— and the best chance to make a deep run into the VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland finals.

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Fnatic made a statement victory in Day 1 against KRU Esports, while Version1 looked shaky in their 2-0 win over Crazy Raccoon. Meanwhile, NUTURN turned on the heat against Sharks after a dismal first map to blow the Brazilians away.

If you thought Day 1’s action was crazy, Day 2 is set to be even better. Here’s what you should expect on the second day of VCT Stage 2 Masters Iceland.

Team Vikings vs X10 Esports

Today’s first affair is almost unfair in that it isn’t NA vs Europe. Expect a lot of chat spamming “when does Sentinels play” when in reality, two really talented teams are about to take to Future Earth.

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I’m one of the very few in this camp, but X10 has plenty of potential to surprise. It just so happens that their entire hopes basically rest on one player: Patiphan ‘Patiphan’ Chaiwong. The Overwatch superstar turned Valorant prodigy would be a star player on any other team in this tournament, but for X10, he’s more than that.

Patiphan X10 Esports ValorantBlizzard Entertainment
All eyes will be on former Overwatch prodigy Patiphan if X10 want Iceland success.

Without Patiphan, they likely wouldn’t be here. Therefore, a lot rests on Patiphan and his signature Jett to push X10 over the line against Vikings. He’s done it before, but replicating that against international competition will be 10x harder (see what I did there?).

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It’s an underdog story for the ages, and one you can’t really see X10 pulling off. Vikings are the best team in Brazil right now, with insane amounts of strategic depth that can probably pull the young gunner out of position. However, where’s the fun in rooting for the overwhelming favorite?

Team Liquid vs Version1

Day 2 of VCT Masters Iceland is really set up like a boxing fight card. We’ve had some of the undercards, and now we’re getting a first taste of a main event with Liquid and Version1.

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I’m going to eat my words from yesterday and give Version1 some credit. Both Erik ‘penny’ Penny and Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro played well, but if it wasn’t for substitute Jamal ‘jammyz’ Bangash showing up in the clutch, this could very well be Liquid vs Crazy Raccoon.

Should this instil any faith in the NA hopeful? Absolutely not. Version1 were pushed to the edge in a frankly 1v9 performance by Byeon ‘Munchkin’ Sang-beom. And Liquid should be able to mop them up with ease.

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I’m not saying it’s going to be like Fnatic vs KRU from yesterday. But it should be pretty similar to that bloodbath. Liquid should be able to outclass Version1 easily and book a ticket to the next round against NUTURN without having to dig too deep.

Thrive Fantasy Props

  • vanity (V1): 30.5 total kills
    • Over = 90 points
    • Under = 110 points
  • effys (V1): 38.5 total deaths
    • Over = 110 points
    • Under = 90 points
  • Kryptix (TL): 64.5 total kills and deaths
    • Over = 95 points
    • Under = 105 points
  • ScreaM (TL): 48.5 total kills
    • Over = 110 points
    • Under = 90 points
  • L1NK (TL): 37.5 total deaths
    • Over = 105 points
    • Under = 95 points

Sentinels vs Fnatic

This, now this is going to be beautiful. The best of NA versus a team that I honestly undersold yesterday. Fnatic are good, really good. In fact, they may be the best team at the tournament. This match will go a long way in getting them that distinction.

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It’ll be Sentinels’ first appearance in Iceland, and if Twitter banter is anything to go by, we should expect a Sentinels like none other. That does leave some questions about how they’ve changed, but honestly, I’m just expecting some explosive Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo on LAN. What a treat that’ll be to watch.

Fnatic have shown their hand somewhat against KRU, but they weren’t forced to pull out much. We got much of the same Fnatic we saw take Liquid to five maps in the Challengers Final. Derke was ripping people’s heads off, everyone was on their A-game ⁠— it was a joy to watch.

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If Fnatic can carry over that momentum and form against Sentinels (and maybe sure up their pistols), we’re going to be in for a treat. This is going to be the ultimate test of NA versus Europe, so be sure to grab the popcorn.

Thrive Fantasy Props

  • doma (FNC): 102.5 total kills and deaths
    • Over = 115 points
    • Under = 85 points
  • Magnum (FNC): 23.5 total kills
    • Over = 80 points
    • Under = 120 points
  • SicK (SEN): 34.5 total deaths
    • Over = 100 points
    • Under = 100 points
  • ShahZam (SEN): 61.5 total kills and deaths
    • Over = 90 points
    • Under = 110 points
  • dapr (SEN): 23.5 total kills
    • Over = 85 points
    • Under = 115 points

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