VCT Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen to allow spectators for final 3 days

ZETA DIVISION IGL fist bumps the camera at VCT MastersRiot Games

Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Copenhagen tickets are set to go on sale on July 1, 2022 according to a Riot Games announcement. The event will be the first international LAN in Valorant esports to have a live audience.

The tickets will be for the final three days of the tournament at the Forum Copenhagen, a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Frederiksberg, between July 22-24. Two types of tickets will be on sale for VCT Masters Copenhagen: Ground floor tickets, which will cost DKK 245 (~$35), and balcony tickets, which will cost DKK175 (~$25).

Fans can only purchase four tickets per person per event day, according to Riot Games. The venue has a capacity of 10,000 people.

The matches featured will be the upper bracket and lower bracket semifinal on the first day, followed by the lower bracket final on the second day and the grand final on the last day.

Riot Games announced that VCT Stage 2 Masters event would have fans in attendance back in May with the reveal of the Masters 2 and Valorant Champions locations. The year-end event, which is set to take place in Istanbul, Turkey, will also feature a live crowd according to the initial release. Details about how fans will be allowed at the event have yet to be revealed.

Guild Esports and Fnatic are the first two teams qualified for VCT Masters Copenhagen. The remaining ten participants will be determined in the next two weeks as local qualifiers across the globe come to a close.

This will not be the first crowd to see a major VCT event in the history of the circuit. VCT Stage 1 Korea Challengers in 2022 had a crowd for its playoff stage for a short time in 2022.

VCT Masters Copenhagen is set to start on July 10. The prize pool and the tournament format are yet to be revealed.