VCT pros are “down bad” for Valorant agents Jett & Sage

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In a content segment for the Riot Games VCT international league broadcasts, pros were asked what Agents they would want to meet in real life. Many chose Agents they thought were cute.

Valorant players have a weird fascination with some of the Agents in the game, with many shipping Agents together or making user names expressing their love for certain characters or their duo player. In a content segment for the VCT international leagues, Valorant pros were asked what Agent they would like to meet in real life. Many used the opportunity to reveal which Agent they have a crush on.

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“Jett,” Chinese pro Zhang ‘BerLIN’ Bo-lin said. “She’s beautiful.”

“I’d really like to hang out with, like, Viper,” 100 Thieves player Matthew ‘Cryocells’ Panganiban said. “She’s kind of hot.”

Valorant Champions 2021 winner Mehmet ‘cNed’ İpek also chose Jett, his main Agent, and said he would show her around Istanbul, Turkey.

A few other pros said they would hang out with Sage and Reyna, two other popular female Agents in the game. The answers themselves are not surprising, as both Agents are standard in the professional Valorant meta – meaning pros have to look at them for hours at a time, and they also have a plethora of fan art in the safe for work, and not, variety.

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VCT pros reveal which Agents they have a crush on

Some interviewed for the segment did give answers that were not as down bad as others, saying that would want to have out with Sova or Breach and play hockey with them. Vitality pro Karel ‘Twisten’ Ašenbrener and Edward Gaming player Haodong ‘Haodong’ Guo both chose the British Duelist Phoenix for similar reasons.

Fans of these pro Valorant players can watch the content segment on the VCT broadcast as teams wrap up their respective league splits and move into the playoff stage.

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