VCT Americas Heineken 0.0 sponsorship moves map as Icebox is removed

Heineken Icebox Bar 5 for VCT AmericasHeineken

VCT Americas’ first beer partner, Heineken 0.0, has had to start sponsoring a different map in the competition after Icebox was removed from the official rotation.

Riot Games announced Heineken 0.0 as the VCT Americas league’s first beer sponsor on March 23, with the non-alcoholic brand becoming the presenting partner for the map Icebox. The announcement was followed by an Icebox-themed bar, the Heineken 0.0 Icebox Bar, opening for a limited time in São Paulo.

But with Icebox leaving the map rotation in professional and casual play, the sponsorship has been moved to another map map, Ascent, a representative from The Story Mob, a public relations agency used by Riot Games, confirmed to Dexerto.

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The VCT Americas broadcast showcased the new map sponsorship in the final match of Week 5, between LOUD and KRÜ Esports. The Chilean team picked Ascent for the series and the graphics on the stage showcased the Heineken 0.0 logo above the map name.

Heineken 0.0 sponsors new map in VCT Americas

The pick was also accompanied by the analyst desk plugging the presenting sponsor’s product multiple times as the graphic was displayed.

The partnership between the Dutch brewing company and Riot Games for the Valorant league is an expansion of Heineken’s deal with CBLOL, the Brazilian League of Legends competition. The Icebox-themed bar in Brazil has also closed as its limited run ended on April 23, which coincided with the map’s removal from the game.

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While Ascent does not match the ice-cold theme of Icebox, it does feature a market and dining establishments that clutter the background of the map. The sponsorship may return to Icebox when it reenters the rotation, but no timeline has been given for the map’s return.

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