Valorant’s Yoru is getting a new ability just like Mirage in Apex Legends

yoru gunRiot Games

Yoru will be getting a major rework in Valorant, giving the agent new life and the potential to pose a major threat in the meta.

Since his release, Yoru has struggled to find his footing in the Valorant meta due to the predictability of his abilities and other agents being able to do so much more.

However, on February 8, the Valorant dev team announced major upcoming reworks to the disappearing agent that might just make Yoru more of a factor in the meta.

For players with experience in Apex Legends, Yoru may even start to remind them a bit of Mirage.

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Yoru getting a major rework in Valorant

Yoru holding out pistol in ValorantRiot Games
The Yoru rework will finally arrive in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2, and its bigger than some may have expected.

According to a Riot Games dev blog, Yoru will be getting a major rework in Valorant starting in Episode 4 Act 2.

The rework will target two major abilities Yoru has: Fakeout and his ultimate Dimensional Rift.

Fakeout will now be “a full copy of Yoru, that runs forward, and when damaged, explodes and debuffs enemies,” rather than just the directional sound of steps that it was previously.

Additionally, the ability will now face “the direction of the person that fired the shot and flashes towards their position in a conal direction,” according to devs. A video of what this will look like can be seen below.

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This completely changes Fakeout, and will make it much more enticing for enemies to shoot and look at, thus giving Yoru a major advantage when peeking off of the fake.

His ultimate Dimensional Rift is getting several major changes of its own as well. These are listed below, per the dev blog:

  • Yoru is no longer revealed to enemies
  • Yoru is able to cast all utility while in Dimensional Drift
  • Enemies can hear Yoru’s footsteps
  • Nearsighted is removed
  • Unequip delay time is increased slightly
  • Cast delay added when casting Dimensional Drift, preventing the invulnerability frame on cast.


Throughout all of these changes that will serve to buff Yoru, developers are hoping to “bring some of his fantasy of stealth infiltration to life.”

For fans of the stealthy agent, they’re hoping that’s the case, as Yoru’s play at almost all ELO’s has struggled since his release.

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Make sure and stay tuned for when these changes go live in Episode 4 Act 2, along with several other balance changes that are likely to accompany it, due to the lack of new map or agent in this Act.