Valorant's next map could already be coming together in-game

by Brad Norton


Valorant’s fourth map could be right around the corner, as eagle-eyed players begin to notice subtle teasers starting to crop up in the FPS title's Practice Range.

While Riot’s FPS title may still be in the midst of its closed beta, new content could still be on the way very soon.

Eagle-eyed players have started to pick up on interesting changes throughout the Practice Range. The leading theory argues these are teasers for a new map, one that consists of buildings scattered across the range.


Riot Games
A new tear has opened up over the Practice Range.

Following on from a datamined mini-map, a location referred to as ‘Ascent’ was later spotted in a developer update. While there's no confirmation, early concept art has the community thinking the next Valorant map will be placed in Venice.

As new portals have opened up around the Practice Range, one intriguing theory has surfaced. Perhaps these portals are rebuilding or transporting elements of the range to the new Venice-based map.


The first portal appeared in the sky on May 13. Initially, many viewed this as a subtle teaser for a new Agent. However, more tears in the fabric of reality have started taking over the once-idyllic location.

Portals have appeared around the disjointed clocktower, leading Redditor Mad_King_Raz to believe that these rifts will send the broken building through time.

“I think the new Venice map is going to be made out of a fixed up range map,” they suggested. “Like going back in time to when it wasn't broken.”


Valorant's Practice Range will likely evolve over time as new updates are released. More portals should continue to appear until some kind of event takes place. 

Whether that event is simply a refresh to the range, or the unveiling of the new ‘Ascent’ map in Venice, only time will tell.