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Valorant’s instant reload exploit is back, despite Riot’s patch 2.09 hotfix

Published: 28/May/2021 6:23 Updated: 28/May/2021 7:24

by Brad Norton


An instant-reload exploit is back in Valorant just two weeks after Riot Games deployed a fix for the bug in the 2.09 update.

Reload animations are an intended feature in the FPS genre. Without them, there would be no downside to just constantly pulling the trigger. Valorant is no different so it came as no surprise when a pesky auto-reload bug was patched out on May 11.

Players had uncovered a ridiculous exploit that allowed them to bypass the reload animation altogether. Through the use of orbs on any given map, the trick could be executed for any weapon in Valorant.

Riot took note of this game-breaking issue and quickly issued a fix in the 2.09 patch. Just two weeks later, however, and the very same bug is back.


While playing in a custom game on May 27, Reddit user ‘AtmosYT’ stumbled upon the exploit. After emptying their Phantom clip on Ascent, they went to pick up the orb and in the blink of an eye, their magazine was refreshed.

From running empty to having a full clip in mere moments, the trick cut out any need for the typical reload animation. That’s 2.5 seconds saved every time around for this rifle in particular.

In order to actually trigger the bug, the player had to mess with their settings first. They set the interact feature to ‘mouse wheel down.’ When standing next to an orb with an empty clip, scrolling down and hitting reload just so happens to break the game and automatically reset the gun.


This issue was labeled as ‘fixed’ in the 2.09 patch notes. Evidently, that’s not quite the case though Riot is yet to comment further on the reappearing bug.

Valorant Orbs
Riot Games
Orbs are the reason behind this auto-reload exploit in Valorant.

For now, it’s tied exclusively to orbs around the map. You won’t be encountering teams just sending it down mid without a care in the world. So long as you know your orb locations, this bug shouldn’t be ruining your games.

Just keep an eye out for any pesky Odin users trying to exploit some wall-bang spots in the coming days.