Valorant’s biggest ultimate abilities nerfed in major meta shift ahead of Episode 6

Viper in ValorantRiot Games

Valorant’s early 5.12 patch reveals a considerable change in Agents’ ultimates, potentially causing a dramatic shift in the game’s meta ahead of Episode 6. Multiple agents like Viper, Breach, and KAY/0 are seeing their ultimates impacted, causing both celebrations and calls for change.

Valorant’s 5.12 early patch notes consist of nerfs to Chamber, commonly regarded as a pretty overpowered Agent, as well as balances to practically all Agents in the game. However, along with those balances being made, there has been a plethora of nerfs to Agents’ ultimates potentially prompting a heavy meta-shift.

The nerf present comes to most Agents that have large, site-wide footprints in the form of a simple point cost increase. The likes of Breach and KAY/0 are seeing their ultimate points required increase from seven to eight, meaning players will have to play with a bit more care.

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However, it seems that, while Breach and KAY/0 are seeing nerfs, it’s Viper who’s getting the full force of this newest patch.

Valorant implements major site-wide Ultimate nerf for Viper in 5.12 patch

Valorant Viper ultimateRiot Games
Viper is one of the many Agents being nerfed in Valorant’s latest patch.

Viper’s Pit is a deadly site-wide ultimate in which Viper releases a deadly gas allowing you to both obscure enemies’ vision and affect them with Toxin, it can often place the game back into your favor when used correctly and at the right time.

However, the 5.12 patch has revealed Vipers ultimate will be considerably nerfed, focusing on dramatically decreasing the amount of time you can leave the smoke circle and increasing the points required to set it off in the first place. On top of that, the regen time is increased by five times the amount many see in the game now.

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Players are already calling for this nerf to be taken out, stating the “Viper change feels wrong” and that the patch is “removing Viper’s identity”. Primarily, these calls are surrounding the “25-second smoke regen time” with many players considering it to be far too long.

Alternatively, other fans are praising the decision, explaining that “this is a good nerf so Vipers actually play their ult” exploring the notion that many players simply place it and leave.

Despite the divided opinions, the Valorant 5.12 patch is nerfing all site-wide ultimates. However, it’s worth noting that the patch itself is currently only available for the game’s Public Beta Environment, meaning it is still subject to change until it reaches the main server.

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