Valorant x Zedd’s Spectrum skin line revealed: Phantom, Guardian, more

Valorant SkinRiot Games

The next Valorant skin line will be the first major collaboration between Riot Games and an outside influencer/artist, with world-famous DJ Zedd getting an entire line of cosmetics soon.

Riot Games have announced the Spectrum skin line in partnership with the German producer and songwriter, Zedd. A Valorant player since the early days, the popular musician and streamer will now have a hand in the next Exclusive Edition skin pack.

While Riot has shown a willingness to do crossover skins with League of Legends events, this is the first time they’ve partnered with a collaborator to showcase their very own skins.

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Not only will there be skins in Valorant that sport Zedd’s name, but the DJ also lent his talents and ideas to the sights and sounds that’ll come with the Spectrum line.

Zedd Spectrum Valorant skins

Riot Games
Riot partnered with Zedd to create the Spectrum skin line.

Riot and Zedd are launching a whole slate of skins that will include nine items packaged in the Spectrum bundle. There will be five weapons that will get the Spectrum treatment, each with evolving tiers that will change up their visual effects and sound design.

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The Spectrum bundle and skins will launch on September 8 with a design for the Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and melee as well as two Gun Buddies, a Card and Spray.

Valorant x Zedd Spectrum collection:

  • Spectrum Phantom
  • Spectrum Classic
  • Spectrum Bulldog
  • Spectrum Guardian
  • Waveform Melee
  • Spectrum Gun Buddy
  • Zedd Gun Buddy
  • Spectrum Card
  • Spectrum Spray

How much is the Valorant Spectrum Bundle?

  • Spectrum Bundle: 8700 VP

While you can pick up any part of the collection you’d like, Valorant players will save some VP if they decide to go all-in on the bundle.

Riot Games
Zedd created some unique sounds to go along with the Spectrum skin line.

Leveling up the skins to the higher tiers can unlock unique nightclub-like features with the finisher animation and even the tracks you hear when inspecting them.

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Since Zedd has made quite a name for himself in the world of music and gaming, there’s bound to be a ton of people opting into the new skins.

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