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Valorant Twitch streamer banned after exposing himself stream sniping pro player

Published: 9/Jun/2021 17:18

by Lauren Bergin


Valorant streamer S2A, known as S2Aval on Twitch, appeared to expose himself stream sniping Team Synergy player Diaamond during a game, and has subsequently been banned from the platform. 

If there’s one curse that comes with being a professional streamer, it’s stream snipers – the people who watch pros play games live and use their streams to counter them and, in turn, make their lives miserable.

Competitive players and casual streamers alike have constantly been plagued by this issue, with Twitch behemoths such as Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar having games ruined on a regular basis.


A similar situation has befallen Valorant player for Team Synergy, Diaamond, but the stream sniper in question has managed to catch himself in the act.

Valorant Diaamond
Twitter: diaamondtv
The stream sniper irritating Valorant pro, Diaamond, inadvertently caught himself red handed.

Valorant stream sniper caught live

During a match with Diaamond, Valorant player and YouTuber S2A magically seems to predict the pro’s movements. Flashing the corridor that leads to B using Phoenix‘s ‘Curveball,’ he takes the pro by surprise and gets a quick kill.

Diaamond quickly realizes, though, that S2A isn’t just gifted with inhuman reactions. Typing in the chat ‘you are so obvious,’ S2A calls the situation “so cringe” before clarifying to his teammates that “he thinks I’m sniping because I flashed B main.”


But, When S2A tabs out of the game, his screen shows that he is, indeed, watching Diaamond’s streaming and using it to predict his movement.

Diaamond was quick to clip the awkward moment and shared it to Twitter, writing “you can’t make this up” and exposing the guilty player.

S2A banned for stream snipe

As of the time of writing, S2A has been banned from Twitch following the incident.

While this may just be a coincidence, several of the comments on Diaamond’s post suggest that this is something he does a lot.

Stream sniping is against Twitch’s community guidelines, so any streamer found to be doing so will almost certainly face a ban. Even xQc himself was handed a ban for stream sniping during a Twitch rivals event.