Valorant streamer’s 186-hour Radiant challenge ends in mix of tragedy & triumph

Partnered Valorant streamer ‘Pest’ hilariously missed Valorant’s top rank by one point during his 186 hours Iron 1 to Radiant in one stream challenge, leaving him speechless, but more motivated than ever to complete the challenge. 

It’s not exactly uncommon for top streamers and pro players to attempt the well-known ‘unranked to the top rank in a single stream’ challenge, but it definitely isn’t an undertaking that should be taken lightly.

One of the most recent top players to step up to the grueling task was popular Apex Legends creator iiTzTimmy, who peaked at 147k viewers during his bronze-to-predator in one stream.

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This time, it was partnered Valorant streamer ‘Pest‘ taking his shot, going from the very lowest rank Iron 1 to Valorant’s top rank Radiant, and it took him 186 hours.

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Radiant is Valorant’s top rank, with only 500 players from each region able to reach the rank.

Pest began his attempt to go from Iron 1 to Radiant on September 8, with the release of Valorant Episode 3 Act 2, when all the ranks were reset. At first, the streamer made some pretty quick progress through the ranks.

He started off pretty strong, climbing from Iron 1 to Platinium 2 in just a few days, but things quickly slowed down, as the talented player had an even harder time climbing through the upper ranks. It wasn’t all smooth for Pest, especially towards the end, as he experienced a tragedy just before the conclusion of his Herculean task.

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At 183 hours in, Pest hit a slight roadblock in the challenge. After winning a game 13-7, the streamer thought it was all over, immediately celebrating as the final round ended. The celebrations were too soon though, as Pest realized as he was exiting the lobby that he was just one point off hitting the top rank, leaving him utterly shocked.

The little setback didn’t stop the streamer though, as he instantly queued back up and went at it again, more motivated than ever.

Just a couple of hours later, Pest finally made it. After over 186 hours of virtually non-stop Valorant, the streamer completed his challenge after a dominating 13-4 match on Breeze.

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This time around, the streamer wasn’t as excited as before, claiming he wasted his hype reaction when he thought he originally completed the undertaking but was still thankful to everybody that believed in him on Twitter.

While the streamer didn’t complete the task without sleeping as previous challengers have, it’s still, of course, an impressive achievement for the streamer.

Nonetheless, going from Iron 1 to Radiant is one for the history books.