Valorant star Boaster offers support to Disguised Toast after Challengers relegation

Fnatic Boaster VCT ValorantColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Fnatic captain Boaster has sent a message of support to Disguised Toast after the creator’s Valorant team was relegated from NA Challengers.

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang’s first year in competitive Valorant ended in disappointment after his team finished the NA Challengers Play-In Relegation in last place following defeats to OREsports and MAD Lions.

For Disguised, the path back to the Challengers League in 2024 is daunting, with only two qualifying spots on offer. At the same time, the uncertainty about the off-season has cast a cloud over the tier-two scene, with many players fearing that an exodus of organizations is a likely scenario.

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Amid the disappointment of the team’s relegation, Disguised Toast got some words of encouragement from Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett, who said that the best thing to do now is to focus on the positives of this experience.

“You’ve got to have a low point in order to learn and then be able to stop it from happening in the future,” Boaster wrote on Twitter.

“You’ve gotten yours early which will be a blessing in disguise in the long run! Everyone should take this experience and remember the good things that happened, too.”

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Boaster tells Disguised Toast esports is “like a rollercoaster”

The Fnatic captain also brought up what he described as the lowest point to date in his Valorant career. It happened when Fnatic failed to qualify for VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin in 2021, the only international Valorant event that the team has missed.

“My boys at the time know what I mean,” he said. “It took me over four months to learn from that. I just want to get some positivity out there because I’m seeing a lot of defeated players mentally. Take a step out and find some positives.

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“It’s tough, especially after a loss, but that won’t be the only loss in your life. Esports is like a rollercoaster for pros. You’ll have your moments and also your slumps.”

Earlier this year, Boaster led Fnatic to victory at VCT LOCK//IN, finally enjoying the sort of international success he had been chasing since the start of his Valorant career. His team is also regarded as one of the favorites for VCT Masters Tokyo, which begins on June 11.

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Disguised Toast has not yet announced his plans for the Valorant team. Earlier this month, the Offline TV member unveiled his own League of Legends roster, which will compete in the game’s NA Challengers League (NACL).