Valorant Spike Rush guide: How it works, buffs, weapons, more

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Spike Rush is a unique game mode in Valorant that ramps things up to an all-new level. From damage buffs to speed boosts, there are plenty of original features on display. Here’s an in-depth look at the fast-paced playlist.

Outside of Valorant’s standard Unrated and Ranked playlists, you’ll now have a new mode to keep you occupied in short bursts. Spike Rush is a new addition with the full release of Valorant, pitting teams of five against each other in fast-paced, buff-induced rounds of action.

From all-new features and mechanics to the full rules of engagement, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth breakdown below.

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Spike Rush can be found in the main menu after completing a single Unrated game.

What is Valorant’s Spike Rush game mode?

Spike Rush drops 10 players into a lobby and splits them into typical Attacking and Defending teams. All Attacking players spawn into each round with a Spike at the ready, as opposed to just one being shared among the team.

The objective is exactly the same as Valorant’s other modes, detonate a Spike or eliminate all opponents to win a round. Whichever team is able to secure four round wins first, will be the overall victor of any given match.

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Multiple orbs are scattered across the map.

What makes Spike Rush so unique?

While the objective of Spike Rush is simple, there are a number of ways in which the new mode looks to shake things up. Rather than buying weapons, armor, and abilities between rounds, all players are given the exact same. Your team could be sniping from afar in one round, and rushing close together with shotguns in the next. 

Additionally, various buffs are scattered throughout each map. Often changing location with each passing round. These buffs are acquired in the same way as an Ultimate orb. Meaning that you’ll have to interact with one for a few seconds to pick up the effect. Buffs range from speed boosts to damage boosts and even one that instantly provides a full Ultimate.

There is also an orb that serves a different purpose. Instead of buffing your Agent, a Crippling Decay orb will reduce all enemy health for a short period of time. Opening up a perfect opportunity for aggressive plays.

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Two Crippling Decay orbs can drop your team to just 1HP.

How to win in Valorant’s Spike Rush mode

Given that every round offers a unique combination of weapons and buffs, strategies will always have to change on the fly.

Play to the strengths of your current loadout and do your best to control space around the various orbs. Letting your opponents grab every orb is a surefire way to put your team at a disadvantage.

Games of Spike Rush are over in a flash but don’t forget that you still have access to all of your abilities. Each round all utility will be restocked at no cost, so avoid playing too passively. There’s absolutely no reason to try and save in any situation.

Spike Rush is a great way to warm yourself up before hopping over to Valorant’s standard modes. Instead of staying in the Practice Range, Spike Rush lets you warm up in real scenarios with a plethora of weapons in very short bursts.