Valorant reveals new Agent and Season One Battle Pass

Valorant Agents.Riot Games

Riot Games Brazil has given fans their first look at a shadowy upcoming Valorant Agent in a new trailer that also teased the Season One Battle Pass called ‘Ignition’.

Ever since Valorant’s closed beta kicked off in early April, players have been eagerly awaiting any kind of news on the next upcoming Agent joining the game’s cast of characters.

Riot revealed on April 8 shortly after the beta went live that, in addition to the current playable characters, we would also see two more arrive by launch for a total of 12.

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Towards the end of the new trailer, we get a few glitched-out glimpses at a Valorant character we haven’t seen before, with striking purple eyes and long hair that almost resembles Sombra from Overwatch at first glance.

We didn’t get a name in the trailer, but one that’s been dropped in-game by Agents during their pre-round banter has been “Sabine.” The shot of the new character from the trailer doesn’t exactly match the ones found in the game’s maps by players, but Riot could have changed the Agent’s design during production, as they did for Raze.

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Riot Games
Our first look at the next new Valorant Agent, who should give Overwatch players some serious Sombra vibes.

As far as her abilities go, the quick snapshot from the trailer didn’t provide any clues to what she might be working with, but several of the voice lines concerning Sabine (if that’s actually who we see in the trailer) had to do with her “sucking the life” out of enemies like a vampire.

Valorant only has one Agent capable of healing their team at the moment, and that’s Sage. So, it could make sense that Riot wants to add another Agent with other support-like capabilities for the full release.

Whatever this new, purple-haired Agent is capable of should be revealed by the time Valorant comes out for a full release on June 2, as well as more information on the “Ignition” Season One Battle Pass that was also teased.

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Riot Games
“Ignition” will be the first Valorant Season Pass.

Like the new Agent, we didn’t get much more from Riot than the image above in the teaser, so exactly what will be included in the pass remains unknown, for now – but we can make some educated guesses that Weapon skins, charms, and player profile cosmetics will probably be included.

What we do know won’t be included are Agent skins, according to developers at Riot there won’t character skins in the game, nor are there specific plans to add them. It might be a possibility in the future, but don’t expect to see them at release or the Season One pass.