Valorant pros TenZ, Hazed & more explain why Astra is bad for the game

Tenz complains about Astra in ValorantRiot Games

Valorant has an ever expanding collection of interesting characters, but some pros and other top names are demanding changes to the newest Agent on the roster: Astra.

The Ghanaian Agent, added in Act 2, Episode 2, is a Controller that bends the cosmos to her whim and can greatly influence the game with her abilities.

Since she was introduced to the Agents roster, players have been slowly trying to figure her out, and it turns out she can be pretty devastating in the right hands, especially with the correct use of her utilities.

Now, several top players across both Valorant and CS:GO are critiquing the Agent, calling for changes to be made to make her more balanced and in line with the others.

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astra valorant agentRiot Games
Astra was introduced to the fray in March and quickly started causing a stir.

One of those players is none other than Sentinels star man Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo, who revealed his disdain for the Agent.

“Astra pull is by far the most annoying and OP ability in the game,” he said, a pretty damning statement for her Gravity Well ability.

This was corroborated by TSM’s James ‘hazed’ Cobb, who posted a thread stating that “Astra is bad for the game,” explaining why and offering possible solutions.

After saying that she’s “too versatile,” hazed suggests that one fix could be making her Orbs permanent so you can’t recall them, or make them removable.

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Team Liquid CS:GO star Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski agreed, calling her “the worst character ever that has 0 counter play.”

Many responses seem to agree with the belief that Astra and her abilities need to be nerfed, but the question becomes how developers Riot Games feel about that.

Astra’s Gravity Well actually received a slight buff in Patch 2.07 earlier in April, making it affect players defusing the Spike, but they might want to make some tweaks going forward.

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