Valorant pros recreate Squid Game during VCT pause and it’s hilarious

Connor Knudsen
valorant squid games
Riot Games / Netflix: Squid Game

One team of Valorant pros turned a VCT technical pause into a great opportunity to play one of Squid Game’s most iconic games.

Valorant’s Game Changers tournament has now been fully underway for a few weeks, with the competition beginning to heat up across all major regions.

Despite the fierce competition, one team found a way to cool their nerves during an official match, turning a technical pause into the setting for their adaptation of Netflix’s Squid Game.

Valorant Technical Pause leads to Squid Game recreation

Neon running and using her ultimate in Valorant
Riot Games
Neon would have to be the odds-on favorite for Red Light Green Light.

Occasionally, in just about any esport you find, there will be technical pauses where something affecting the match goes out of sorts and forces players to sit idly by while admins figure out the issue.

In the Lower Bracket of the Game Changers EMEA: Series 1 main event, noOrg faced off against TENSTAR Nova to decide who would face Guild X in the finals of the lower bracket.

This match took place deep in the tournament, so both teams had to work hard to get to this point and the match had serious implications. So, of course, something went wrong and a technical pause was taken to sort it out.

While some teams may use such a break to talk through their strategy or game plan, the members of TENSTAR Nova instead decided to use the time to replicate Squid Game’s take on the children’s game: Red Light, Green Light.

It seems the strategy worked for TENSTAR Nova, as the team went on to win 2-0 in this match before losing in the Lower Final to Guild X 2-1.

The clip above was shared to the Valorant subreddit and has received over 7,500 upvotes since being posted.

While hilarious in its own right, the video has people in the community wanting more like this from Valorant, suggesting custom games like Overwatch has as a great starting point.

“I’d imagine if Valorant ever does get custom game servers, it would be done like Overwatch,” one fan said. “Enough creation options to make what you want without giving users access to anything too technical.”

Another wrote, “This makes me wish Valorant had a more fleshed out custom games mode being able to tweak anything we want to create minigames. Would make the game way more fun from a casual standpoint.”

Having a Squid Game in Valorant would certainly be something and would definitely be a nice addition to the other seasonal events the game provides.