Valorant pros divided on Split’s removal from map pool

Valorant splitRiot Games

Riot Games is taking Split out of the professional Valorant map pool at the conclusion of the season with Valorant Champions in September. While some pros are happy with the decision, others think the developer chose the wrong map to remove.

Valorant players won’t be able to play Split come Patch 5.0 following the introduction of the new map, Pearl, as Riot has decided to remove it to keep seven maps in the rotation at all times. The developer has stated that it could bring Split back, albeit with some changes.

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Split was one of the first three maps Valorant players got to see all the way back in the beta period, and it has had some changes since its first iteration. While the map had been maligned at times by the Valorant community, some professional players had grown to enjoy it.

“I think it was a bad decision to remove Split,” Ghost Gaming’s Marc-Andre ‘NiSMO’ Tayar said when asked about Riot’s decision. “I actually think Split is one of the maps where there was a lot of variety of different agents that you could play, and I think it makes the game look more fun when you’re watching.”

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In the North American Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Challengers open qualifiers, groups stage and so far in the playoff stage, the only agent to not be picked on Split has been Sova.

Professional players value the flexibility of the map in terms of agents as well as tactical strategies.

“I think Split is just way more creative on the attack, and even on defense,” NRG Esports IGL James ‘hazed’ Cobb said in an interview with Dexerto. He cited how teams can set up split hits across the map, picking fights on both spike sites, and the absence of five-man executes that are more common on maps like Icebox and Breeze.

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Split outside B garage in ValorantRiot Games
Valorant Champions might be the last time fans see Split in pro play for awhile.

But the map is not great in a casual setting, according to hazed, who has admitted to leaving lobbies when the map is revealed to be Split.

“Split is a fun competitive map, but I think it’s garbage in the pug system,” the former TSM player said.

Some pros are happy to see Split leave Valorant

While Split may have its defenders, and some aspects that players agree are good for competitive play, some pros are thrilled to see the map removed from the game.

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“I’m extremely happy. I hate that map. I’ve never been I’ve never gotten 13-0’d on any other map except for that map,” FaZe Clan’s Phat ‘supamen’ Le said about Split.

Ghost player Brock ‘brawk’ Somerhalder shared a similar sentiment, although he admitted that he would have rather seen Bind leave the map pool.

“Split isn’t bad either,” Brawk said. “In my opinion, it’s just not a very fun map to play.”

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Most players Dexerto interviewed said that Bind would be the other map that they would have liked to see leave the map pool, citing frustrations over the teleporter mechanic and cramped choke points. Some also pointed to Icebox with its stale agent meta and lack of strategic depth.

When asked if they would rather see Riot have eight playable maps in the game casually and professionally, most said that it would lead to a decline in quality gameplay.

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“I wouldn’t be opposed to it, just to try it,” hazed said. “But I think once you get up there, at eight, even like nine maps, you’re going to have matches where teams just aren’t prepared on some maps, because we don’t have that time.”

Valorant fans only have a few more days to play Split before the new patch releases on June 22, but they can still experience it through professional play until Valorant Champions concludes on September 19.

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