Valorant pro suggests major overhaul to finally balance every Agent

. 4 weeks ago
Brimstone looking at Valorant's Astra
Riot Games

FPX Valorant pro Kirill ‘ANGE1’ Karasiow has outlined the ‘perfect’ update that would finally balance every agent in Riot Games’ popular first-person shooter.

With new additions, whether it be a new map or agent, arriving in Valorant regularly, the devs are constantly having to tweak and balance other aspects of the game accordingly.

While the community continues to suggest their ideas when it comes to nerfing and buffing specific agents, pro player ANGE1 has proposed a list of changes he’d like to see to almost every one of them as it would, hopefully, balance them all.

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Riot Games
Valorant developers Riot Games are constantly having to tweak other agents in an attempt to balance the game.

In a Twitter thread on June 4, FunPlus Phoenix’s Valorant in-game leader ANGE1 listed a ton of changes he’d like to see to every agent.

The Ukrainian IGL suggested buffs to almost every part of Phoenix’s kit, to even simple changes, such as reducing the cost of certain abilities for others like Brimstone and Sage. Below is a list of all the proposed changes:

  • Astra – Bring back old cooldowns.
  • Brimstone – Beacon cost reduced to 100.
  • Cypher – Bring back slow on cages.
  • Sova – Bring back drone fly distance.
  • Sage – Wall price reduced to 300.
  • Phoenix – Molly damage and healing increase, Ultimate revives with armor, flash has left and right click with different fly distance.
  • Jett – Bring back the old dash, but you can dash only forward.
  • Reyna – Flashes can’t be destroyed but maybe exist for less time.
  • Yoru – Reduce switch time on ultimate and gate crash by 50%.
  • Chamber – Set switch time on his rifle and sheriff same as on normal guns, bring back second trap, limit teleport to one per round with restore after 2 kills.
  • Neon – Bring back damage from walls.
  • Fade – Haunt should be destroyed with 1 bullet from any gun, same as an arrow.

For those not listed above, being Omen, KAY/O, Viper, Killjoy, Raze, Breach, and Skye – the former CS:GO star noted that he feels no changes are necessary.

Other Valorant players were on board with ANGE1’s ideas, but revealed they’d probably hold off on the Sova changes: “Honestly very well thought and would be great for the game,” said one. “Only would say Sova is in a great spot in my opinion.”

“If only Riot listened to pros like you and not made changes based on their gold queue,” another said.

With Valorant Episode 5 on the horizon and set for release in early July, it’s not entirely out of question for any of these changes to be implemented in the patch that’ll arrive with the new episode.

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