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Valorant pro ec1s explains the biggest difference between EU & NA teams

Published: 23/Jan/2022 16:04

by Shay Robson


100 Thieves Valorant pro Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles has highlighted a key difference between North American and European teams after a round of NA practices.

After 100 Thieves’ disappointing exit from the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour to the hands of Cloud9, the North American team had a roster shake-up heading into 2022.

While still maintaining three members from the previous roster, 100 Thieves signed Adam ‘ec1s’ Eccles as the team’s in-game leader along with Hunter ‘Babyj’ Schline from FaZe Clan to complete their squad.

Now, as the team prepares for the 2022 circuit, ec1s has made his way to NA, and after a few days has pointed out a key difference between regions.


Valorant Team Liquid Adam ec1s Eccles
Team Liquid
100 Thieves signed IGL ec1s to complete their 2022 roster.

During his January 22 stream, ec1s was asked if he’s had to make his team focus in certain situations during scrims. It was then the Valorant IGL revealed that there’s a key difference between EU and NA teams during practice.

“Definitely in EU the practice is more disciplined,” claimed ec1s. “Not just from our side, but from other teams as well. In NA, we’ve had it where like full-on pro teams where we’d be doing well, winning the scrim and they’d start full trolling because they’re losing.

“It’s very different, it can happen in EU as well, but it’s not as common,” the 100 Thieves pro added.


The 2022 Valorant Champions Tour circuit is well underway with the open qualifiers already running.

Fortunately for the Thieves, they were a top-performing North American team in the 2021 season, giving them a free invite to the Stage 1 challengers that are set to kick off on February 11.